Archibald’s Juxtapose Collection

Shoe DesignArt DirectionPhoto Styling
This collection “juxtapose” incorporates the many characteristics and functionalities. As Archibald’s latest 2018 collection, juxtapose focuses on the simple, yet innovative designs. We have used both the genuine full hide and suede leather. The shoes design is based on casual sneakers, and together, infused with the slip-on design. The sneakers back part is made of suede leather so that the part is soft; therefore, it can be stepped on and worn as a slip-on. Moreover, the body part is made of genuine leather to represent the classical and authenticity feelings from the leather shoes. Lastly, the soles of the shoes are colored to match the composition of the other two colors from suede leather and the body part. Altogether, the three parts matched perfectly in term of colors and designs creating unique characteristics for each pair and the multi-purpose functionality for wearing style.


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